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Terms and Conditions

What2Do@LaTech is designed to market events for students, faculty and staff. This system is limited to events sponsored by recognized LaTech student organizations, academic organizations, and LaTech faculty.

Posted content is limited to events hosted on campus only. Off-campus events will be considered if they are not hosted at a venue where alcohol is served and will be posted at the discretion of the administrator.

The accuracy of the event posting is the sole responsibility of the submitter. If the event changes date, time or location, the submitter must contact the administrator to make edits.

Please only submit events that have confirmed facility reservations.

All content will be posted at the discretion of the administrator in regards to taste, acceptance of submission guidelines and overall editorial approval.

If the event meets the criteria of a special, public event, prepare a concise and informative description of the event to be posted with the event listing that is consistent with university submission expectations in connection with Louisiana Tech’s event calendar.

It is important to remember that the university officials have complete discretion in determining which events are acceptable to be added to the calendar.

We would like to encourage all groups who are interested to make use of this new service thanks to the collaborative efforts of Louisiana Tech University.

Please submit JPEG images in a portrait orientation. Submit images that are predominantly image based rather than text heavy images. When submitting, please reduce file size on the image as much as possible.